I am not a magician, but helping people live happier, more productive lives feels magical.

Hypnosis, combined with positive verbal suggestions, can be a powerful therapeutic tool for healing and for changing behaviors we no longer want or that hold us back from fulfilling personal or career goals. We all deserve to be happy, healthy and fulfilled.

The power to change is within you! Learning how to change is the way to personal freedom!

If you have learned to do something one way, you can learn how to do it a different and better way. Hypnotherapy is a great tool to make this effort easy, fun and relaxing. It is also drug free.  Hypnotherapy is all about giving you the support you need to manage life's challenges. I provide the tools that you can use to empower yourself,and together we can restore and recover what is already within, your own insight.

Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon
Common Problems That Hypnotherapy Can Address:

Fears and Phobias
Stress and Anxieties
Cancer and Immune System 
Pre and Post Surgery
Modification of "unwanted" habits
Pain management
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) in children and adults
Confidence building and improving self image
Dealing with the death or loss of a loved one
Improving memory and concentration
Reaching personal and career goals
Reducing fear of public speaking
Relationships and communication
Smoking cessation
Weight control and overeating
Promoting general Well Being